About Us

The Starburst Stone Team

John Bennett 

Educated in the UK and later qualified as a chartered accountant in London in 1968. 

Moved to Australia in 1975. After a short time mining and cutting sapphires in Queensland moved to Western Australia in 1984 and thereafter started mining lapidary type rocks, the best known of which is Mookaite.  

Became fascinated by Victoria Stone [a boutique glass] in Quartzsite, AZ., in 1994 and later set out to replicate it, with much technical expert assistance from Artur Birkner.  

What we now offer is the best we have been able to produce, as our recreation of Victoria Stone.   

Artur Birkner 

Educated in Germany gaining a Diploma in Industrial Chemistry.  In Australia gained a degree in Geology.    

Experience:  As a glass technologist Artur was involved with Research and Development on glasses to improve commercial glass production.  Also involved in extensive devitrification studies of a variety of different glass types.    

Geologist: Involved in surface and underground mapping on various base metal and Nickel, deposits and mines.  Also involved in extensive mineralogical identification of rocks and minerals.    

Achievements: Developed the "Biron Hydrothermal Emerald" which became known as the highest quality synthetic emerald ever produced.    

Recently developed "Starburst Stone" as a recreation of the well thought of, but no longer produced, Victoria Stone.