Starburst Stone

Starburst Stone

Starburst StoneStarburst StoneStarburst Stone

A highly chatoyant colourful man-made stone, made from 100% natural minerals.


Starburst Stone is being made in Australia under the umbrella of Australian Rough and Tumble.  Starburst Stone is available on this website, which is operated from Perth, Western Australia.  It will also be available from the Australian Rough and Tumble booth at the Desert Gardens Rock, Gem and Mineral Show in Quartzsite, Arizona, from December 26, 2020 to January 28, 2021 at spaces H 5 & 6. 


Starburst Stone is a man-made material, made from 100% natural minerals, where around 80% are the same as those used in making soda-lime glass (aka soda-lime-silica glass).  Starburst Stone resembles Victoria Stone, which was also man-made, by a Japanese chemist, Dr Iimori, from approximately 1962 until 1990.  To that extent Starburst Stone can be said to be a recreation (one of a few) of Victoria Stone.  Starburst Stone is similar to Victoria Stone but definitely not the same.  Starburst Stone is manufactured in Perth Western Australia.   

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Starburst Stone is formed in crucibles at high temperature.  We produce "boules" of Starburst Stone and we offer for sale complete boules, rough chunks, and sawn slices.  



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Sawn to varying thincknesses and with a ruler for scale.



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